nORM cAMPBELL, sitka

Oregon-born Norman Campbell moved to Southeast Alaska in 1982. Alaska has been the major source of inspiration for his work since his arrival. Its land, its trees, and its spirit have been a constant and abiding wellspring of ideas and subjects. Campbell works primarily with pen and ink on paper. He considers his work to be invented landscape and uses it to speak about his concerns, his vision, and his loves. He makes his home in Sitka, Alaska.

Norm was our illustrator and mapmaker for Ed Ricketts from Cannery Row to Sitka, Alaska and the illustrator of 100 Poems of Spring.

Norm's art is represented to the trade through Taku Graphics, Juneau, Alaska.



Courtenay was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Having artists for parents gave her an early start in the arts and she has played with various subject matter and mediums throughout the years. Now working primarily in watercolor, she finds unending inspiration in the Alaskan landscape and seeks to capture the rich colors and textures of nature. She makes her home in Skagway, Alaska.

Courtenay's artwork appears on the cover of both The Flying North and Still Points North.

Courtenay's art is represented to the trade through Taku Graphics, Juneau, Alaska.