100 Poems of Spring by John Straley, illustrated by Norm Campbell

100 Poems of spring

First in a series of four, this beautiful volume offers 100 of John Straley's spring-themed haiku with cover illustration and artwork by Norm Campbell. These poems are based on moments and emotions experienced in Spring - in John's front yard facing the ocean in Sitka, Alaska.  

Pale sun, early spring
listening for the bird
I cannot see.
"I have not come close to mastering the making of these little poems, and I suspect that the task is akin to a spiritual quest: one without an ending."
John Straley



john straley

John Straley is a novelist, poet and private investigator. His tenth crime novel, Baby's First Felony, is forthcoming from Soho Press. His first book of poetry, The Rising and the Rain, was published by the University of Alaska press. He has won the Shamus award and the Spotted Owl award for his detective fiction, and was appointed the twelfth Alaska Writer Laureate in 2006. His work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. He lives in a bright green house by Old Sitka Rocks with his wife Jan, a noted marine biologist.